Stitches on a quilt…

Demo version of Quilt



For the last six months, I’ve been the most inspired ever. Finally feeling like less is more, I have been queuing up lyrics and samples for me to sit down and polish before I commit. The list is growing too long and when I find the time, the amount of choice keeps the focus too broad to make meaningful progress.

The most I can aspire these days when it comes to feeling like advancing with my music is to use the time to finish a quick demo, a small locked mix so I can move on to other things / projects.

I have had very little time to record in good conditions, so I need to choose my battles. When I do get the time and I finally record whatever lines I’ve planned to, I quickly swap the project and record a couple takes on another track, just me trying to squeeze any spare time into a 30s demo lemonade.

But sometimes things just flow and last weekend was one of those. I got a quick few takes of a half-improvised track I had been writing the week before, which I managed to turn into a slightly longer demo than usual.

Some things you have to finish while fresh…